Gratitude on This Veterans Day

Carter and I spent today working on his fort that has slowly grown over the last three years. Climbing the glacial rocks at Countryside is a favorite pastime for us. After pulling fallen trees to add to the structure, we found ourselves sitting upon the highest rock. We talked about Veterans Day and why we were lucky to have today off. We talked about our family members and friends who have served our country. Carter thought it would be neat to decorate this time to honor All of our service women and men. Thank you for your service and allowing for the freedom of this day 🙏🏻

I stumbled upon this in the garden covered with leaves in a spot where Carter would play for hours on end when we first moved in. It was a reminder of how quickly years fly by and how thankful I am to have those memories in my heart. I may lightly bury this back in my garden bed to one day uncover it when Carter is out on his own years from now. I find myself leaving these bread crumbs lately knowing that along with the tear it will bring, the smile in that moment will be worth it. If only we could hold them in our hands so tiny forever.
The natural root over rock always amazes me and gives inspiration to future Bonsai projects.
Our favorite perch.

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