Live at Countryside

Countryside Studios presents Intimate Concerts featuring artists from around the New England area and beyond, recorded live here at Countryside. 

It will be 4 years since we first moved here to “Countryside” and this has been a project in the works for quite some time before that. The road traveled, circumstances and alignment of the stars leaves me with the feeling of finally having arrived where I was meant to be. A place where I could be connected with nature, a beautiful setting for my bonsai trees and a peaceful retreat for my family to be together. (August 2019)…

FAST FORWARD…(March 2020) The swift shift of events that has led us all into isolation within this crazy and uncertain time. Life could not predict we would all find ourselves here but one thing for certain is that we are heading into uncharted territory. It is a reminder that all life is precious, that we need to see beyond ourselves to protect our most vulnerable, and that despite this tragedy, we have an opportunity to be better versions of ourselves having our eyes hopefully opened to what is truly important. What we might realized in these moments, as we all hold our breath to this inevitable wave coming in, that in some strange way we needed to be forced to stand still. Choose to seek the blessings in the middle of all of this and with faith see clearly our families, our friends, the kindness that still exists, our natural world that has been damaged by the pace of our modern world that is being given the chance to mend even for this brief  time and hear the music that has drown out the sorrow of those in places suffering and feel it’s power to reconnect us.

With all of that said this project has taken on a whole new meaning.
We hope you will join us as we launch “Live at Countryside” with:
 The Rafters  : COMING SOON!

Until then we hope you like this message from our family to yours: