Welcome to Countryside!


I’m excited to get things up and running and to introduce our blog…”THE INSIDE SCOOP”! It will be three years since we first moved here to “Countryside” and this has been a project in the works for quite some time before that. The road traveled, circumstances and alignment of the stars leaves me with the feeling of finally having arrived where I was meant to be. A place where I could be connected with nature, a beautiful setting for my bonsai trees and a peaceful retreat for my family to be together.

This property located in the quaint and historic town of Harvard has quite a history dating back to 1750. I’ve always loved older homes and this one was I feel, waiting for us. Years prior to moving here I would frequently walk through the old time cemetery in the center of town looking at the designs and reading the stones. There was always one name that stuck out to me and that was “Mercy Sawyer”. I didn’t know why but just thought it was interesting enough to maybe write a song about. Fast forward to the first year of moving in. I went to the historical society with my eldest daughter to see what we could learn about the house. Wouldn’t you know…one of the original owners was “Mercy ‘Sawyer’ Frost” who had inherited the property from her father Manasseh Sawyer. The property was nicknamed “Countryside” and originally included the four surrounding properties. Our house was the original farmhouse that included a barn which is now a cottage on our property.

In reading more about this house and the land it sits on I learned that Mercy never wanted to leave as it was her favorite place to be. As I look out over the gardens through the mature Hickory trees…I understand. I feel connected to her and all those who were here before us and hope Mercy is happy to know there is no other place I’d rather be than “Countryside”.

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