Scout Garden Badge Workshop

This was a custom workshop designed to help the scouts fulfill their Garden Design Badge. The workshop began with a tour of the Tropical green house and then the scouts were asked to chose a favorite tree to sketch onto wooden panels they could take home. From there we went outside to talk about the outdoor gardens. Even though it was early Spring at Bonsai West , before the Cold Hardy trees were brought out of Winter dormancy into the outdoor garden,  we were able to explore the rock gardens and winding paths and take a peak at the trees that were being protected in the green houses for the Winter. Even without the trees on their pedestals, the girls were able to see that Bonsai West is beautiful all year round. From there we made our way to the classroom to create our own garden designs. Each scout chose a bonsai tree cutout and designed their garden around that one showcase piece. The workshop fulfilled their tasks of studying garden design, learning about different types of plants and designing their own garden. 

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